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Hello Level 40

2013-07-09 14:16:58 by Matt-Porter

A few days ago, I finally hit level 40 on Newgrounds. I was expecting Tom to burst through my door with Stamper and Psycho as his henchmen, just to hand me an elite VIP card, but it hasn't happened yet. I imagine that there really is a secret Barcade (Bar + Arcade) hidden underground below the Newgrounds office, and that my VIP card is still on its way via snail mail. Perhaps I was mistaken, and such a card only exists for members that are level 50+.

I await patiently, but in the mean time, I'll just focus on getting back into game development, so that I might actually get Tower of Greed 2 out this year.


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2013-07-09 15:15:13

That's awesome :D

Matt-Porter responds:

Thank you too, sir.


2013-07-09 15:32:09

Cool. Congrats. =D

Matt-Porter responds:

Thank you, sir.


2013-07-09 15:47:06

When is Epic Shadow getting back together :P

(Updated ) Matt-Porter responds:

When I feel that Shadows are indeed as epic as the name implied. Andrew and I will work on things together, I however, will not be a part of that branding again.